The International 2022: Southeast Asia Qualifier Starts September 13

The International 2022: SEA Qualifiers happens on September 13-17, 2022. The champion will head to The International while the 2nd and 3rd placers will head to the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Filipinos are known to be hardcore Dota 2 fans and were once called ‘the best fans in the world.’ With The International just around the corner, Filipinos anticipate the The International 2022: Southeast Asia (SEA) qualifier to find out who will take the last slots for the coveted tournament.

The eligible participants of the The International 2022: Southeast Asia Qualifier are all the teams that participated in the third tour of the current DPC season who did not qualify to The International 2022. This is also provided that they did not replace more than two players from their third tour roster. The teams are seeded based on their total DPC points after the final tour.

The following teams are part of the The International 2022: SEA Qualifier:

  1. Talon Esports (DPC Points: 300)
  2. T1 (DPC Points: 272)
  3. RSG (DPC Points: 100)
  4. Polaris Esports (DPC Points: 57)
  5. Nigma Galaxy SEA (DPC Points: 28)
  6. Neon Esports (DPC Points: 5)
  7. Execration (SEA Division II 1st Seed)
  8. Lilgun (SEA Division II 2nd Seed)
  9. Army Geniuses (SEA Division II 3rd Seed)
  10. Summit Gaming (SEA Division II 4th Seed)
  11. Atlantis (SEA Division II 5th Seed)
  12. XERXIA (SEA Division II 6th Seed)
  13. TNC Predator (SEA Division II 7th Seed

* Team SMG was disqualified from The International 2022: SEA Qualifier

The tournament is played with a double-elimination bracket. Talon Esports, Lilgun, Nigma Galaxy SEA, Polaris Esports, RSG, Neon Esports, Execration, and T1 are seeded in the upper bracket while Army Geniuses, XERXIA, TNC Predator, Atlantis, and Summit Gaming are in the lower bracket. All upper bracket and lower bracket games are played with a best-of-three match except for the lower bracket round 1 match between XERXIA and TNC Predator which will be a best-of-one game. The grand finals will be a best-of-five series.

The champion will proceed to The International 2022 as the regional qualified team from Southeast Asia where they will join the current qualified teams: PSG.LGD, OG, Team Spirit, beastcoast, Team Aster, Thunder Awaken, BOOM Esports, TSM, Tundra Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Soniqs, Hokori, BetBoom Team, and Royal Never Give Up.

The 2nd and 3rd place will head to The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifier. They will join the 2nd and 3rd place from each regional qualifier. Two teams will qualify for The International 2022 from the Last Chance Qualifier.

The tournament will run from September 13-17, 2022. The official Filipino broadcast will be taken care of by LuponWXC (KuyaNic)’s Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook pages. Globe at Home is the official telco partner of the Filipino broadcast of The International.

Dota 2 fans can still buy the battle pass through Globe Gamer Grounds’ Ember Points and redeem steam wallet codes. Players can just join different Globe Gamer Grounds tournaments and register in the platform and the official Discord community channel.

Em Dangla

Em "Kaisaya" Dangla is an esports shoutcaster on different mobile MOBA game titles. She also has experience in various aspects of the industry, from professionally competing in tournaments, managing esports players and teams, and organizing online tournaments. The former game developer also advocates for women in esports and safe spaces.