MPL-PH Week 4 Recap: Blacklist is Back

At the end of MPL-PH Week 4, M3 world champions and back-to-back season 7 and 8 champions Blacklist International catapulted themselves to the top of the pack after they suffered a two game loss back in week 3.

It was a weekend filled with surprises and upsets as the eight teams of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 10 showed up to the last weekend of the first round robin. At the end of MPL-PH Week 4, M3 world champions and back-to-back season 7 and 8 champions Blacklist International catapulted themselves to the top of the pack after they suffered a two game loss back in week 3.

Week 4 Day 1

  • Match 1: BREN vs OMG (2-1)
    • The current Bren Esports roster is far from the veteran roster that the fans knew them to be but the team’s determination remained the same. From one strong jungler to the next, Bren’s jungler Kyletzy helped the team extend the series into a third game with the help of his Lancelot.
  • Match 2: TNC vs ONIC (2-0)
    • TNC Pro Team was sitting at the bottom of the rankings when they faced week 3’s top team, ONIC Philippines. Most people thought that it would be an easy win for the rookie team but TNC came in prepared and determined to bounce back from their round 1 losses. With the season 10 debut of King Salman and strength of SDzyz’s Balmond, the team in orange swept ONIC Philippines.

Week 4 Day 2

  • Match 1: RSG vs ECHO (2-0)
    • The season 9 champions proved that they are back in championship form when they swept the orcas of ECHO through clean team fights and flawlessly executed plays. Their captain, Light, used Atlas’ skills with so much precision and was able to create space for the rest of the team to knock down the towers of ECHO and destroy their base.
  • Match 2: NXPE vs BREN (0-2)
    • The anticipated season 10 debut of Renejay was thwarted by the unstoppable forces of Kyletzy and Bren Esports captain, Pheww. Although Nexplay EVOS showed a strong front in their match, the Rene-2 duo was unable to penetrate through Bren Esports’ composition championed by the current meta jungler, Julian which Kyletzy utilized against the neon tigers.
  • Match 3: BLCK vs TNC (2-0)
    • The Phoenix army was not able to replicate their day 1 victory against the royalty team of Blacklist International. Ohmyv33nus led the team with 12 assists in Diggie in game 1 while the second game was close until it wasn’t. Oheb’s Wanwan came out scratch-free with a strong 4/0/5 finish to close out the series against TNC to mount their comeback from their week 3 performance.

Week 4 Day 3

  • Match 1: ECHO vs NXPE (2-1)
    • Coach Tictac fielded the ECHO proud team or ECHO’s team 2 against the comments of the doubters. While NXPE won game 1 after 29 long minutes, ECHO proudly reversed swept Nexplay EVOS and claimed the crucial series decider through the help of Zaida’s Akai and OUTPLAYED’s Irithel. This placed NXPE in a crucial spot as they landed in 7th place after week 4.
  • Match 2: RSG vs BLCK (1-2)
    • Round 1 of the MPL-PH Season 10 regular season ended with a bang with a world-class series between the MSC Champions and the M3 World Champions. RSG Philippines started strong together with Demonkite’s Balmond and Aqua’s Lylia to capture game 1 of the series. Blacklist International fired back with an 11 minute game to tie the series and bring the raiders to a game 3. The two teams brought the end of the series to a 32 minute thriller. However, Edward made a crucial flank against the opponent’s gold laner and led Blacklist’s final clash against RSG PH to a victory.

The back-to-back victories of Bren Esports earned Kyletzy as the MVP of the week. He displayed mastery of multiple assassin heroes such as Fanny, Lancelot, Benedetta, and Julian. He also helped place Bren Esports in the top 6 of the rankings passing Nexplay EVOS. Blacklist’s crucial wins placed them in the top spot with 14 points followed by ONIC and Omega Esports in the second spot with 13 points. RSG PH and ECHO are also tied in third place with 12 points.

It’s still a race to the top and to the playoffs as the eight teams enter round two of MPL-PH Season 10. MPL Philippines is live every Friday-Sunday in their official Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube channels.

Em Dangla

Em "Kaisaya" Dangla is an esports shoutcaster on different mobile MOBA game titles. She also has experience in various aspects of the industry, from professionally competing in tournaments, managing esports players and teams, and organizing online tournaments. The former game developer also advocates for women in esports and safe spaces.