MPL-PH Season 10 Teams Reveal Their Rosters

The eight teams of MPL-PH are back to celebrate a milestone in the 10th season of the league. All teams have finally revealed their complete line-ups for MPL-PH Season 10. Let’s take a look at how these rosters will fare for the upcoming season.

It’s finally time for a new season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines (MPL-PH). The eight teams of MPL-PH are back to celebrate a milestone in the 10th season of the league. All teams have finally revealed their complete line-ups for MPL-PH Season 10. Let’s look at how these rosters will fare for the upcoming season.

Bren Esports: A Squad For Redemption

Credits to Bren Esports

Is it #BrenLangMalakas season once again? In season 9, fans saw a new Bren Esportswith a squad of rookies mixed with veterans like Flaptzy and Pheww but unfortunately, the squad ended their run in the 8th place. In their sophomore season as a team and the addition of rookies KyleTzy at Owgwen, Bren Esports is out to redeem themselves and claim an MPL-PH trophy again.

Blacklist International: The Return of the King & Queen

Credits to Blacklist International

It was hard for Blacklist International fans to see their team struggle in season 9 when they were not able to reach the playoffs. In Season 10, the royal duo of OhMyV33nus and Wise are back with the M3 winning team of Hadji, Oheb, Edward, Eson, DexStar, Coach MasterTheBasics, and Coach Bon Chan and last season’s rookie, Kevier. Blacklist International is looking forward to reclaiming the MPL-PH trophy and getting the chance to defend their M3 championship.

Nexplay EVOS: The Right Time

Credits to Nexplay Esports

Nexplay EVOS fans have been eagerly waiting for their team to win a championship. For Season 10, familiar faces are back and the team is led by Dogie, who is returning as a main player for the team after his stint as an assistant coach last season. The team of Dogie, H2WO, Renejay, YellyHAZE, Elpizo, DONUT, Micophobia, Jeymz, LanceCy, and Kzen will be gunning for that MPL-PH S10 trophy. Teams better watch out!

ECHO: A New Superteam

Credits to ECHO

Dubbed as a “superteam” last season, the team of ECHO ended their MPL-PH S9 run in the 5th-6th place, tying themselves with Nexplay EVOS. The upcoming season 10 saw the loss of ECHO players like Killuash, Hadess, Rafflesia, Aaronqt, and Rk3 as well as their longtime coach, Arcadia. ECHO places their trust in the new head coach, Tictac and the new members of their family: Sanji, Sanford, Outplayed, and Zaida, to complete their new superteam.

ONIC Philippines: A Brand New Look

Credits to ONIC Philippines

The team with the biggest and most controversial roster changes, ONIC Philippines lets go of their star players Kairi, Baloyskie, Micophobia, Markyyy, Dlarskie, Hate, and Beemo with only Ryota left in the team.. ONIC PH completely rebuilt their team with a lot of new faces in the MPL-PH such as CH00x, Sensui, Nets, Rapidoot, SUPER FRINCE, Der, and Kekedoot. Fans of ONIC PH will have to wait to see how this new team will fare in the professional league.

TNC Pro Team: The Sinister Six

Credits to TNC Pro Team - ML

The TNC Pro Team was so close to getting their first ever MPL-PH championship last season when they ended the regular season at 2nd place and ended the playoffs in 3rd place. They were the underdogs last season, a team nobody expected to rise but true to their tagline they #AlwaysRise. The entire season 9 roster will be coming back this season with a new head coach, 413. Many fans will be keeping an eye at Benthings, SDzyz, Escalera, KRAMM, Yasuwo, and King Salman’s sophomore season.

Omega Esports: The Comeback Kings

Credits to Omega Esports

Omega Esports’ hunger for an MPL-PH championship is greater than ever. Once again a runner-up last season, this season’s roster of Omega Esports will not settle for less than 1st. This proven roster has stood the test of time and definitely is a powerful force that other teams should not underestimate again. Their team is composed of E2Max, Raizen, Kerala, Renzio, Ch4knu, KielVJ, Mikko, Z4pnu, and debuting player, Mikko with coaches Pakbet, Ynot, and Amethyst.

RSG Philippines: From Kingslayers to Kings

Credits to RSG Philippines

Season 9 was the dream season of RSG Philippines. From 5th-6th place in season 8, they quickly ascended to the top last season. They were crowned the MPL-PH Season 9 champions and the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asian Cup (MSC) champions. The starting five of RSG Philippines, Light, Demonkite, Aqua, Nathzz, and Emann are still solid. Completing the RSG Philippines roster are Perkz, Exhort, 1rrad, Kousi, and Kenji with coaches Panda and Giee.

Esports fans have a lot to look forward to as MPL-PH Season 10 will be coming back next month!

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