We are Globe Gamer Grounds… and this is Our Story

Early 2020 since when the COVID-19 pandemic started. But as a gamer, I said, “Nah, I know I’ll make it. I’m a gamer. I’ll survive even if they lock us down. I have a lot of video games here to play and enjoy while staying at home.” But over time, this turned into a tough challenge– a challenge that tested my mental strength so much it made me recount the good times and good feelings when I am able to meet people face-to-face. I felt alone… and scared. Computer shops where gamers would usually hang out were forced to close, and LAN events had to be halted as well. Which is of course, understandable. It’s all for everyone’s safety. But the streets were almost empty as if it was the apocalypse you would see in movies or in games. So I tried to look for ways to find people online– to play with, and do gaming activities online.

I’m glad Globe Gamer Grounds (GGG) was conceptualized through joint forced with Globe and Swarmio Media. I not only became a part of the team, but also became a member of the community as well. And this is where it all began…

With GGG, finding playmates through their Discord server made it easy for players to chat with other players who have similar interests and game of choice. Not only players were able to talk about the games they love to play, but they were able so able to display their competitiveness through the daily online tournaments held in the Globe Gamer Grounds platform. Game titles included ranges from mobile games, to PC, and console games, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, DotA2, Tekken7, Valorant, and even web3 games like Axie Infinity. Here, players not only enjoy the daily activities, but also get rewarded with prizes from either winning or by participating. Small-scale to medium-scale, even to big-scale events are held! While most are held online, Globe Gamer Grounds did not miss out showing their presence on onsite events as LAN events resume. This community offers a lot for a gamer like you and me– being a part of something, having a say and being recognized as someone who belongs to the kind of community we feel home and we are very passionate about.

As a member of this growing community, there are more stories to tell on how the Globe Gamer Grounds started, and braced through the challenging times of transition from the pandemic to getting back to the normal– the resume of LAN events.

Start of Operations

It was early in 2022, when we started our operations. Everything was from the ground up, including getting the interest of gamers to discover and join the community. But of course, if not for the Philippine’s major telco provider, Globe, the launch wouldn’t be as successful. Last April 27, Globe hosted a Globe GG Party Media Exclusive Event at the Versus Barcade in BGC, Taguig where Globe Gamer Grounds was officially revealed.

Globe GG Party Media Exclusive Event - Photo credits to: hypegamesph.com

In Globe Gamer Grounds, we offer different game titles that can be played online as part of lineup for tournaments. Titles like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Apex Legends Mobile, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Tekken7, DotA2, even web3 game Axie Infinity, and many other game titles are supported in our platform.

Connecting players with Gaming Influencers

But of course, it’s not just about hosting online tournaments for the players. In Globe Gamer Grounds, we also setup ways for community members with their favorite gaming influencers. Thus, the collaboration with well-known gaming influencers in the Philippines that made the players more engaged and excited.

Influencers like Frincess, Donnn, Kay Ann Monsalve, Dannica Suazo, Aningning, and big names like Cherizawa, Kelly Welt, Lhea Bernardino, and even well-known Blacklist International Mobile Legends players, dedicated their time and gaming passion with the Globe Gamer Grounds communities by guesting in some of our online tournaments and events, both online and onsite. Community members and players were able to have a chat and form some interaction with them.

Here, you can watch the livestream recap of the Influencer Challenge we had with Blacklist International Mobile Legends players: https://www.facebook.com/emberphilippinesofficial/videos/598004275156984/

Watch the highlights from the Influencer Challenge event with Blacklist International Mobile Legends players:

I myself also got the opportunity to interview the young passionate players of Blacklist International after the fun they had at the Influencer Challenge.

Partnerships with other communities

Because gaming is all about communities, we also partnered with different gaming communities in hosting their tournaments using our Globe Gamer Grounds platform and assisting them with the Prize Pool sponsorship.

Source: Ember Philippines Facebook page

The Holy Grail Infinity Cup Mobile Legends tournament is just one of the many events we collaborated with different gaming communities. This particular event boasted a huge amount of 135,000 Ember Points as prize pool.

If you don’t know yet, Ember Points is the currency used by Globe Gamer Grounds to reward players who win tournaments or events from our platform. These points can be used to buy ML Diamonds, Garena Free Fire Diamonds, Xbox Memberships, PUBG Mobile UC, Steam Wallet Codes, and many more cool exciting things in our Store in the future.

If you think we only hold small-scale tournaments and events… Nope! Because we also hold medium-to-large scale events such as the (1) gBattle Zone event for Mobile Legends and Valorant with PHP 750,000 prize pool, (2) Pokemon Unite PH Invitationals with PHP 50,000 prize pool, (3) PUBGM Philippine City Tournament (PMCT) in partnership with PUBGM Philippines Esports, (4) NusaFun Campus Battle, (5) Rocket League Junior Tournament in cooperation with Rocket League Philippines (RLPH), (6) The Gamer Grounds Championship for Mobile Legends, PUBGM, and CODM (soon), (7)  Valorant tournament in partnership with Mineski VxV that boasts a total of PHP 250,000 tournament prize poo and many others that was held onsite and online. And, can I just say there will be more to come?

The Gamers Ground Raffles Fiesta

Currently ongoing still is the raffle we have for the community. Because community building doesn’t revolve alone around tournaments, we wanted to reward our growing community some chance to receive additional variety of prizes that are not found on the Store (yet). Thus, we initiated the Raffle Fiesta event where community can get rewarded with Ember Points, Gaming Keyboard, PS5, Gaming Headset, and CPU set. In fact, there are a few more days left for you to join until the end of November 2022.

Click here to join The Gamers Ground Raffles Fiesta.

Along with this, we keep track of our community growth through the Followers Milestone on Facebook. We want our community members to be rewarded as we also grow together. With this event, lucky participants from the community are rewarded with Gcash load, Ember points, gaming mice, mobile phone, gaming earphones and airpods, and many other gaming peripherals.

Here is the latest capture from our Milestone Tracker.

Hype at DotA2 Battle Pass and The International 11

We also did not miss the chance to provide something fun for our DotA2 community, most especially during The International 11 event that happened last October 2022.

With this, we made DotA2 tournaments more frequent for our players to be able to grind more Ember points and redeem for Battle Pass. Likewise, Globe AT HOME Next Level Play event was also conducted to give opportunity for DotA2 players from our community in getting a chance to fly to The International 11 event in Singapore last October 2022.

DotA2 tournament in partnership with Globe AT HOME.

Here are some of the photos of the winners from our DotA2 5v5 event who who assisted in flying to Singapore for TI11. Congratulations! (Many would say, #SanaAll, including me).

Ember Troopers

Empowering our community members that they also can be a part of bigger things was also part of our may campaigns. With the Ember Troopers Campaign, community members who signed up for this are rewarded with Ember Points convertible to Gcash load. We are proud to share that our Ember Troopers were able to contribute massively to our growing community. And if you are interested to sign up, contribute and get rewarded with your efforts, you can use this link to sign up: https://bit.ly/ggg-ember-troopers

Presence in Gaming Conventions

As pandemic restrictions loosened up, we also took the opportunity to make a presence at two (2) of the largest gaming conventions in the Philippines– the CONQuest Festival 2022 last July 23 to 24 and at the ESGS 2022 last October 28-30, 2022. Of course, during these conventions, us hosting a tournament is a staple.

Here’s a video from Galawang Pinoy Gaming featuring our booth at the CONQuest Festival 2022:

ESGS 2022 gave our community even bigger results. After this event, we were able to grew our community with +3000 more members. You can read some more details about what has happened in this article, Globe Gamer Grounds grew with 3,000 new community members! – The ESGS 2022 Aftermath #ComebackIsReal.

Here’s a preview of how our booth looked like at the ESGS 2022.

It’s Not Just About Us

Gaming is not just about the us, not just about our community members, but inclusivity of all other communities. Thus, apart from the partnerships and collaborations we had with different entities, we also write articles for our community that gives them news and updates as to what’s happening in the Philippine esports and gaming communities across the nation. It’s good to be informed, ye?

Likewise, because the heroes in our community are the players themselves, they are our dear highlights for every montage video we create.

More To Come!

It’s only less than a year and we are happy to have gathered players alike who loves to be a part of a community like this– into collaboration, fun, and just growing together. Because the community inspires us, and the partners trust us, we continue be inspired to push more exciting idea and events in the coming future.

For you to learn more about Globe Gamer Grounds, you can follow the links below.